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We had a great weekend in Stockholm! Although it was chilly, there was no rain and the sun was out.  We initially felt rich after trading 100 euros for 800 kronor. Then we quickly felt poor when we saw how far a krona will take you (a round trip train ticket to and from airport, with weekend discount=410kr/$60; a beer~70Skr/$10; “moderate” dinner entree~170kr/$25. Not to mention the additional 25% VAT!!!).

Since Stockholm is an archipelago, there was a constant stream of picturesque views along the water.

In between museums we strolled through streets and parks.

Stortorget square.

Hot chocolate & tea break!

Charles XIII, Charles Cadieu, and lion.


Meatball break! (And beef in burgundy sauce).

We visited the Nobel Museum, where we saw a special exhibit on Marie Curie, a double nobel laureate (1903 in Physics for work on Becquerel radiation; 1911 in Chemistry for discovering radium and polonium).

A buttload of pitchblende (used in Curie's experiments).

1902-1904 were especially productive years for Curie...I will forever have an inferiority complex.

We took a ferry to the Vasa Museum on Djurgården island.  The Vasa was a top-heavy warship that sunk in 1628 30 minutes into it’s first voyage.  It’s recovery began in the 1950’s, and offers an impressive insight into Swedish history and maritime knowledge.

The Vasa, risen from the dead!

Vasa's stern.

The elaborate sculptures on Vasa were originally in color. Scientists have analyzed pigment remnants to determine how these sculptures were painted and replica's are shown here.

Gustav was 1 of many skeletons recovered in Vasa.

Our final destination in Stockholm was the City Hall, designed by the famous architect Ragnar Östberg.

This is what can be done with 8 millions bricks.

The blueless Blue Hall. This is the location of the Nobel Prize Banquet on December 10th of each year.

A beautiful landscape painting by Prince Eugene.

I don't remember what room this ceiling was in!

Love this room (where the Nobel laureates are interviewed)!

Back wall in the Golden Hall.

Thanks for reading!

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Pic of the (yester)day

Early evening in Parc Monceau.

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