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Mike’s VS Modern: Battle Royal

Julie was in town, so we did a single-blinded Mike’s versus Modern cannoli taste test (on the traditional ricotta filled varietal).

Even though this was a cannoli taste test, Julie made us buy one of these:

Our desserts are ready to go home:

On the bottom row of the pyramid: Mike’s cannoli(s) and Mike’s cupcake (another item Julie insisted upon!). On top of that are Modern cannoli(s), then on top of that dinner left overs (salmon linguine), and finally a Modern dark chocolate truffle.

At home, we perform the experiment.  Each rater is blinded to the identity of the cannoli.  The rater tastes 3 pieces (2 are the same, determined via pseudo randomization).  Then the rater indicates which 2 are the same, and which piece was the best.

Broken into delicious little pieces.

Rater 2.

Sneak up on rater 2 when she least expects it!


Rater 1: correctly identified the matching pair, preferred Mikes.

Rater 2: incorrectly identified the matching pair, and preferred the 2 that she thought matched (tie between Mike’s and Modern).

Rater 3: correctly identified the matching pair, preferred Mikes.


Mike’s wins!!!! Although, I’m not sure we have enough power to detect a statistically significant result, will probably need to collect more data 😉

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Pic of the Day

Evening in Boston.

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