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I had such a good time visiting Alice and Arnaud.  They were excellent hosts, showing me the sights, food and wine of Montpellier.  This city has a very young and bustling feel…and a much more chillaxing atmosphere than Paris.  Not to mention a prominent gay population.  I felt very much at home 🙂

Tiny streets curve amongst the city center, lined with shops and restaurants…

Many grandiose sites are sprinkled throughout the city.

Saint-Pierre cathedral.

Porte du Peyrou, an arc from the late 1600s that celebrates Louis XIV.


Lunch break!

This was one of my all-time favorite French meals! Three types of quiche (cheese, tomato, and tuna) over roasted veggies, quinoa and chickpeas...mmmmmm.

Although it was a little rainy and gray, the temperature was warm and we enjoyed a nice jog on the water.

Mediterranean sea.

Rain in my eye!

One evening we went to a very nice wine bar and had some tasty snacks…

Cheese (back left), veggies (back middle), grilled octopus (right) and ham with truffle oil (forefront).

A & A enjoy dessert!

It was sad to say goodbye, but I hope to see Alice and Arnaud again soon (perhaps in Boston?)!

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Pic of the Day

Cars zip around the Colonne de Juillet.

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