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Cadieus @ Paris

We did A LOT of Paris sightseeing while Sandra and Ian were visiting.

From left to right: I. Cadieu, S. Cadieu & C. Cadieu.

Here are some highlights….

1) We walked along the Champs-Élysées and saw the Arc de Triomphe (although the top was closed).

Arc de Triomphe.

2) Visited the Eiffel Tower.

We enjoy a picnic before going up.

From the tower you have a great view of Parc du Champ de Mars and the Ecole Militaire.


Eiffel at night.

3) Climbed up Sacré-Cœur.

This basilica was completed in 1914.

View from steps outside basilica.

View from dome (you can see the Eiffel tower in the background!).

Another dome view.

4) We spent a few hours in the Les Invalides Complex, where we saw Napoleon’s tomb and the Army Museum.

Entrance to the Army Museum.

Napoleon's tomb.

We walk through the (very extensive) Army Museum.

Napoleon on a good day.

Napoleon on a bad day.

Napoleon's horse.

5) We also saw the Orsay Museum (no photos allowed!) and the Louvre.

Hall in the Louvre.

Mona Lisa.

David's Coronation of Napoleon.

David's Oath of the Horatii.

Ouch! Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli's La Mort De Cleopatre.

Venus de Milo.

Michelangelo's Captive (where is the dollar bill supposed to go?).

Winged Victory.

And finally, before the family visit concludes, Sandra helps Charles finish his homework!:

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We spent a few days in Rome with Charles’ brother Ian.  We ate a ton of cheesy carbs and visited a number of iconic sights….

Cheesy carb example 1.

Cheesy carb example 2.

Here is the Pantheon, a Pagan template that was “updated” to a Catholic church in the early 600’s.

The Pantheon exterior.

Inside the Pantheon.

Oculus and concrete dome.

The Trevi fountain, built by Nicola Salvi and Giuseppe Pannini from 1732 to 1762, was gorgeous! This Baroque fountain lives at the end of an ancient Roman aqueduct, and depicts man taming water.  Can you find the hippocampi???

Trevi fountain.

Ian and I throw coins into the fountain!

We spent a great deal of time in the Vatican, a city-state run by the Pope.  It has it’s own postal stamp and flag.  Most of our time was spent in the Vatican museum, where we were blown away by the extent of art found within these palace walls.  We also saw the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s famous Creation of Adam.

Inside the Vatican museum.

The animal room.

There were a lot of naked statues in this museum. (Mostly men...no comment).

My favorite spot in the Vatican museum was the Gallery of Maps. Beautiful paintings of Ignazio Danti's maps are displayed in this hall.

Euclid is depicted in Rafeal's "The School of Athens."

Our last stop in Vatican City was St. Peter’s Basilica.  It’s impossible to capture the size of this thing with pictures, you should really see it for yourself!

View from St Peter's Square.

Interior of St Peter's.

Baldachin. (To give you a sense of size, each baldachin column is 66 feet tall and the letters printed on the gold banner above are 7 feet tall!!!).

View of St Peters in the early evening.

We re-charge before the next event…

Breakfast of champions.

Our final tourist stop was the epicenter of ancient Rome: the Colosseum and Forum.  The Colosseum was closed due to technical difficulties (?!) so we only saw the outside of this blood bath arena.


Charles walks through the remnants of the Roman Forum.

View of Forum from Palatine hill.

Surviving columns.

Forum circus.

Love locks made it to Rome!

Good bye for now!!!!

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