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A quick real time update….we made it safe and sound to Boston!  Our time abroad feels so far away, even though it was just a few weeks ago!  We have been busy settling into our new jobs, unpacking and seeing friends.  We love our new apartment which is in a great area near the Prudential Center.  So far, so good!

OK, back to Europe.  Our final weekend trip was to London, where we had a jammed packed weekend.  Our hotel sucked, but we nevertheless had a great time…there is so much to see in London!  It was nice to hear the english language, but weird to see people driving/walking on the wrong side of the street.  We tried to find a spotted dick to eat, but had no luck 😦

Temple Bar Dragon, the official gateway to London proper.

Chaz avec Houses of Parliament et Big Ben.

Tea time!

Westminster Abbey.

Sphinx et moi.

Chaz on (another) lion, Trafalgar Square.

You know what this is!

Chaz joins his brethren at Occupy London.

We meandered through the exhibits at the Tower of London, where we saw some pretty obnoxious bling bling (no photos allowed), and learned a bit about England history, torture devices, knights, and ravens.

Tower bridge.

Tower of London.

Punishment mask for gossips.

Execution ax.

Although we were pretty museum-ed out by this point, we still managed to see a large chunk of the British museum (this museum was AMAZING….we both think this was the best museum that we saw during our whole time abroad, despite being sick of museums).

Rosetta stone.


Kitty mummies!

"Ginger," the red-headed mummy that has been on display at the British museum since 1901.

Impressive balancing trick displayed by a Greek artist.

Easter Island statue.

On our last evening, we had dinner in Chelsea at Gordon Ramsey’s Foxtrot.  We walked to the river and stumbled upon a firework show.  It was a great end to the weekend 🙂

View of River Thames in Chelsea.

Surprise firework show!

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Pic of the Day

British museum.

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