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Pic of the Day

Ian and Mercury reunite after the Boston marathon.

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Easter with Roger

We accepted Roger’s invitation to visit So Cal for Easter. It was great to FINALLY meet him, and to spend time with the Mormino’s/Lee’s/Kober’s/McLaughlin’s.

Roger's hand, Dad in background.

Roger LOVES to sleep!

Mom gives Roger a good luck kiss before letting the aunts and (honorary) uncle hold him.

Roger, Dad, and Aunt Julie.


After months of waiting, I get my turn!

Amy makes Chaz sit before holding Roger....


Success! (Roger didn't even wake up!)

For Easter we had an adult easter egg hunt (age 26 and up) followed by dinner at Centro Basco’s.

Easter egg hunt results: 1st place Julie, 2nd place Chaz, 3rd place Beth.

Matt, Frank, Jack, Cathy, Mary, Roger, Amy, Chris, Beth, Chaz and Julie!

We also saw my Dad’s new office in Chino Hills…

M & D w/ C in Dad's office.

Lastly, we spent some QT with the family dogs, Rocky and Brutus.

Left: Brutus, Right: Rocky.

Midday walk.

Brutus oversees Chaz' swimming.

~~~~~~~~~~~~See you next time!~~~~~~~~~

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