Engaged :)

Charles proposed to me at the New York Botanical Gardens, at the exhibit portraying Monet’s Giverny home. It was perfect, and I couldn’t feel happier right now.

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15 thoughts on “Engaged :)

  1. Eric Dominguez says:

    Congrats!!!!, That’s awesome!

  2. thekobers says:

    So excited for you guys! I hope Roger can be a ring bearer!

  3. Look how giddy Chaz is! So happy for you both!!!

  4. Misty says:

    Congratulations Beth et Charles!

  5. Jack McLaughlin Jr says:

    Great News! I couldn’t be happier.U-Jack

  6. Debbie says:

    yayaya! congrats. so happy for you both!

  7. Lavi says:

    Wonderdul news to start my day with, so happy for you both

  8. Greg says:

    How Exciting!!!

  9. Puddy says:

    We are so happy for you! Knew from the start that you were meant to be together!

  10. koepsell says:

    Hi Beth & Charles, congratulations from all of us (from Bulgaria).

  11. Sheila Caringello says:

    Wonderful news!! Proposal in NY Botanical Gardens..Belle!!!

  12. Nick & Kova says:


  13. Sandy and Fred says:

    How great. Giverny no less. Wonderful news. Fred and I are very excited for you both.

  14. thank you for your great news , i’m fun of your news in wordpress

    best wishes

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