Mike’s VS Modern: Battle Royal

Julie was in town, so we did a single-blinded Mike’s versus Modern cannoli taste test (on the traditional ricotta filled varietal).

Even though this was a cannoli taste test, Julie made us buy one of these:

Our desserts are ready to go home:

On the bottom row of the pyramid: Mike’s cannoli(s) and Mike’s cupcake (another item Julie insisted upon!). On top of that are Modern cannoli(s), then on top of that dinner left overs (salmon linguine), and finally a Modern dark chocolate truffle.

At home, we perform the experiment.  Each rater is blinded to the identity of the cannoli.  The rater tastes 3 pieces (2 are the same, determined via pseudo randomization).  Then the rater indicates which 2 are the same, and which piece was the best.

Broken into delicious little pieces.

Rater 2.

Sneak up on rater 2 when she least expects it!


Rater 1: correctly identified the matching pair, preferred Mikes.

Rater 2: incorrectly identified the matching pair, and preferred the 2 that she thought matched (tie between Mike’s and Modern).

Rater 3: correctly identified the matching pair, preferred Mikes.


Mike’s wins!!!! Although, I’m not sure we have enough power to detect a statistically significant result, will probably need to collect more data 😉

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4 thoughts on “Mike’s VS Modern: Battle Royal

  1. julieannlee says:

    I would like to point out one error in this blog and also comment on how unfair my taste was. First the error: in your picture of desserts, the box you claim is the cupcake is actually the leftovers fron dinner (i believe it was salmon linguine). Second, I think my taste was unfair because the second taste, which was the same as the first taste, had less filling in it making it taste less sweet as the other two. Plus the sneak up completely threw me off! And Charles had an unfair advantage because he could see the plates during his tasting. Sounds like a conspiracy to me!

    • Beth says:

      You are right! That was dinner leftovers….I made the correction 🙂
      And as always, I appreciate your criticism of my experimental designs and will certainly accommodate your points in my next round of data collection!!! (But I’ll still do the sneak up, so you better watch out).

  2. This is hysterical, and such a great idea! Although I’ve never done a blind taste test, I’ve always preferred Modern’s cannolis – maybe I’ll have to try this tactic out!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I thought Modern would come out on top…to be honest, it was so hard to tell them apart, definitely not confident the results would come out the same next time. Let me know how your taste test goes!

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