I visited Animal teammates Sophia and Wolfgang in Hamburg…we had a great time catching up during the softball off-season.  Hamburg is an interesting place…it’s a port city with a patchwork of modern architecture and older buildings that survived WWII.

Me and Sophia.

German dinner at home--cheese, bread, meat, beer!

Elbe river.

Despite the cold, we did some sightseeing around Hamburg…

Warehouse district.

Love locks in Hamburg!

St. Michaelis church.

Church bell tower view.

Caffeine break (with butterkuchen and baumkuchen)!

Old Elbe Tunnel,which opened in 1911. People and cars use this underground tunnel to transverse the Elbe river (with huge elevators on each end to carry cars up and down).

While we were sightseeing, a number of things jumped out to me…

Germans are very environment-friendly.

Double red lights (no means no!).

Gummy-only candy stores!

American food in Hamburg!

Did you know that Americans use many German words, such as kindergarten, spiel and blitz?

On our last night, I eat bratwurst and sauerkraut for dinner.

And finally, our visit ends with German beer tasting…

German beers.

Real-time update: Charles and I made it back to the USA a few days ago, and will be moving to our new home in Boston tomorrow!

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One thought on “Hamburg

  1. spamdora says:

    beautiful pictures of my hometown. 🙂 The beer by the way you tested is aweful but doesn’t matter … Hamburg by the way is a town with really amazing sunshine days … REALLY! They do exist. Promised … so, if you’ll come back again … you will probably see them … and gimme a shout I will show you some hidden treasures you maybe didn’t see.

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