Versailles….  OK, this was pretty much the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life.  I thought the kleptocracy displayed in Fontainebleau was bad…well, Versailles is fatter and more smug, with way more bling bling than Fontainebleu.  My WTF moments were plentiful.

With that being said, I admit that it is a very beautiful place.  I went with Sandra and Ian…we had a very nice time visiting the palace and gardens of Versailles.

We arrive to Versailles on a gray and rainy day.

First we visit the State Apartments…

Royal Chapel.

Hercules drawing-room.

Hall of Mirrors (and many tourists!).

Bust of Louis XIV by Bernini.

Queen's bedchamber.

We then meandered through the garden, and saw more châteaus within this garden (these were pretty ghetto compared to the State Apartments).

View of gardens.

Many statues live throughout the gardens.

Temple of Love.

View from Petit Trianon.

Bassin d'Apollon.

 That’s it for now!  Do you feel as poor as I do?

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One thought on “Versailles

  1. Jack Mc Laughlin Jr says:

    Oui, you expressed our sentiments exactly. I do love the queen’s bedchamber, but can’t imagine the lack of privacy.

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