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10 thoughts on “Pic of the Day

  1. julieannlee says:

    What is that? Is that from Ramsey?

  2. Jack says:

    This is adventurous!I had to look this one up but you ate Andouillette. a coarse ground pork sausage made with tripe. I know Andouille, the Cajun version which is spicy and links are smaller in diameter. I also noticed the cream sauce. Nomandy, the land of the of the the land of the three “C”s, cream, Calvados (apples), and Camembert, What did you think of this dish?

    • Beth says:

      My host insisted I try this….I was surprised, it was rather tasty! I had to use some cognitive control and not think about the contents too much, but I did enjoy it! The sauce was also very good. During my visit, I had all the c’s you mentioned, although I think calvados is some sort of brandy-like alcohol (made from apples maybe?). I also had some cider from the area which was excellent.

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