First few days

Welcome to Bures-sur-Yvette!

Google map showing Bures-sur-Yvette and Paris.

After a hectic week of packing, shipping and selling our belongings, we arrived in France, in the small town of Bures-sur-Yvette.  We are a few minutes walk from the IHES, where Charles is collaborating with Stephane Mallat.  We have a lot to explore in this town, but so far have discovered a baker (boulanger), butcher (boucher), and both a “small” and “large” market.  Most of the restaurants close by 9pm, with the exception of 1 that is open until 10:30pm serving pizza as well as greek style sandwiches overflowing with meat.

Residential area.

Small park.

Commercial area.

Our apartment is cute and cozy, and is in a small community that houses other IHES visitors.

View of our housing community, the Residence de l'Ormaille. We are in apartment P1B, or “PIB” as I like to call it.

We are lucky to have a kitchen that is amply equipped (other than a spatula, flipping eggs has become a creative endeavor), a living room with a desk and couch, a bedroom and a bathroom (with a washing machine sans dryer…that will be interesting!).

First daytrip to Paris

Charles had a snow day at lab, so we took our first daytrip into Paris.  We visited the Luxembourg palace and garden, where I enjoyed an espresso in the most adorable little to-go cup I have ever seen.

Yummy caffeine!

Luxembourg Palace—previously a residence of Queen Marie de Médicis, this palace is the current house of the French Senate.

Luxembourg garden.

We spent a lot of time walking along the Seine river, zigzagging across bridges, resting near the water and admiring views of the beautiful Parisian scenery.

Charles posing on the Pont des Arts bridge, with view of Seine river behind. Notice the locks liberally covering the bridge gate. We witnessed a newly wed couple contribute to this trend—the groom placed their lock with the other thousand while the woman chucked the key into the water.

View of Seine river.

We noticed 3 swimmers with snorkeling gear in the Seine, with a police boat trailing shortly behind. After much discussion, we concluded they were searching for a dead body, but are open to other suggestions.

So many adorable streets like this one everywhere you turn!

A fellow American in Paris!

Apartment with orange flair.

While walking in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, we stumbled upon two street art pieces by Invader .  I was particularly excited to see Bobby from Bubble Bobble (a game I used to play with my sister Julie).

Invader street art.

Our final tourist visit was the Notre Dame Cathedral.  Needless to say, this is a very old and large cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral avec Charles.

Au revoir (for now)!

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4 thoughts on “First few days

  1. Jack Mc Laughlin Jr says:

    Order me up a Royal with Cheese and french fries with mayonnaise right now!
    U Jack

  2. shelley says:

    It looks beautiful, congratulations on making it to France!

  3. James Hsia says:

    Great update guys!~ Nice to see that the exploration has already started, AMAZING!!! Looking forward to more~

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